Delbridge Racing Owner of the Month April 2013 - Megan Haas

Apr 24, 2013


This month we learn about one of Delbridge Racing’s overseas owners, Megan Haas, pictured below enjoying the win of her favourite horse, Shamoline Warrior, in the 2009 Group 3 Norman Robinson:

Name: Megan Haas

Occupation: Partner, Forensics, PwC

Place of Residence: Hong Kong

Horses Past and Current:   Shamoline Warrior (“The Warrior”), The Veal Deal, Pakari Toa

Best Horse:   no question..... The Warrior!

Favourite horse: The Warrior!

AFL/NRL Team: my heart says Carlton - but my husband says Saints member!

Interests: currently focused on maximising the opportunity to explore Asia - although just had to cancel Burma trip due to 'unrest'.  Also keen to see how the Australian wines are penetrating Asia.....  trying them in each country!

Family: BIG.  luckily we haven't had to choose which of the 7 kids misses out on the member's enclosure on race day...

Favourite Racing Story: My first race as an Owner - in the lounge at Crown Casino - middle of the day - mid week...Sale racecourse... ducked out of work with Steve - put my $20 on each way.....  back at the    window 10 minutes later to collect first place winnings to then spend on champagne.  Who said that it's a tough business?  My expectations were managed beautifully!

Best Win: The Warrior - Norman Robinson Stakes - an amazing day

Racing Dream: To have one of my horses run here in Hong Kong

Why Delbridge Racing? Great bunch of people - good team spirit