Will my horse be insured?

All horses syndicated for ownership by Delbridge Racing will be insured for the first year unless otherwise stated in the syndicate agreement and agreed by the syndicate members. The cost will be incorporated into the up-front syndication fee.

It is Delbridge Racing policy that all syndicate horses are insured, unless otherwise stated in the syndicate agreement and agreed by the syndicate members, and from Year 2 the Syndicate Manager will consult with syndicate members on the nature of that insurance and the cost of insurance will be billed separately to each owner in accordance with their shareholding.

For horses on lease the insurance will be the responsibility of the owner.

How will I be kept informed of my horse’s progress?

Delbridge Racing considers communication to owners as one of the key roles we will play in the syndication business.

There will be many forms of communication including:

Email – frequent updates on your horse progress forwarded to your email address. The frequency will increase as the horse is in pre-training / training and racing.

Telephone – we will keep you up-to-date by telephone and you are always welcome to call us to discuss your horse’s progress. Key contacts are Mark Leo on 0400 345 144, or Linda Leo on 0418 373 090.

Internet – our website will include a section to provide an update on your horses’ progress. Initially this will be an open access basis but it is our intention to develop a password-protected section, which will provide for more sensitive owner only information on your horse.

Face-to-face – we encourage regular interactions with our owners and are happy to arrange face-to-face discussions with our owners and these can be:

Open days at training venues

Visit to stables for inspection of your horse

Meeting at races / barrier trials

Attendance at track work

Specific pre-arranged meeting times and venues

Please contact Mark Leo on 0400 345 144 or Linda Leo 0418 373 090 to arrange

What colours will my horse race in?

The Delbridge Racing colours are Lime, Black Band, White Sleeves with Black Armbands and Lime Cap.

Who will train my horse?

The trainer of your horse will be determined by the owners and Delbridge Racing Delbridge Racing currently has horses with Rob Hickmott, Henry Dwyer and Charlotte Littlefield in Victoria  and also has raced horses previously with Ciaron Maher and David Eustace, Jason Warren, Lee and Anthony Freedman ,Gary Sherer, Mark Kavanagh and Russell Cameron in Victoria and Bruce Hill and Trevor Bailey in Queensland.

How do I pay my fee?

Your monthly fees are invoiced the 1st of each month for that month and  are payable by the following options.

Cheque payable to your syndicate account forwarded to KniGGhts, 23A Virginia Street, Mornington, Victoria, 3931.

Credit Card to your syndicate account as advised by your syndicate manager

Internet banking to your syndicate account as advised by your syndicate manager

What does my monthly fee cover?

All fees are averaged over 3 years to cover training, agistment, pre-training, transport, normal veterinary, syndication and communication costs.

The set yearly fee provides you with certainty for budgeting purposes and your manager will keep you informed of any fee changes that will occur due particularly as the end of year 3 approaches.

Once joining a syndicate when will my horse race?

Your horse will race depending on many factors, including age, size, growth, maturity, education, speed and learning. It is a question that has no definite answer other than we strive to race our horses as early as possible for our owners but will not to race then if they are not ready as the disappointment of a horse not performing well or breaking down usually is greater than waiting a few more months for your horse to run.

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