This month we learn about one of Delbridge Racing’s overseas owners, Megan Haas, pictured below enjoying the win of her favourite horse, Shamoline Warrior, in the 2009 Group 3 Norman Robinson:

Name: Megan Haas

Occupation: Partner, Forensics, PwC

Place of Residence: Hong Kong

Horses Past and Current:   Shamoline Warrior (“The Warrior”), The Veal Deal, Pakari Toa

Best Horse:   no question….. The Warrior!

Favourite horse: The Warrior!

AFL/NRL Team: my heart says Carlton – but my husband says Saints member!

Interests: currently focused on maximising the opportunity to explore Asia – although just had to cancel Burma trip due to 'unrest'.  Also keen to see how the Australian wines are penetrating Asia…..  trying them in each country!

Family: BIG.  luckily we haven't had to choose which of the 7 kids misses out on the member's enclosure on race day…

Favourite Racing Story: My first race as an Owner – in the lounge at Crown Casino – middle of the day – mid week…Sale racecourse… ducked out of work with Steve – put my $20 on each way…..  back at the    window 10 minutes later to collect first place winnings to then spend on champagne.  Who said that it's a tough business?  My expectations were managed beautifully!

Best Win: The Warrior – Norman Robinson Stakes – an amazing day

Racing Dream: To have one of my horses run here in Hong Kong

Why Delbridge Racing? Great bunch of people – good team spirit

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