Name: Rod Kelly

Occupation: Teacher at Hokkaido International School

Place of residence: Sapporo Japan

Horses Past and Current: Golden Lustre (Tasmania and a Spreyton specialist !), Lohncosta, Downtown Manhattan 

AFL/NRL or favourite sports team: Essendon

Interests: Snowboarding, Punting and Eating Sushi

Family: 3 brothers who don`t know one end of a horse from the other

Prediction for 2013: Everyone`s a winner in the Chinese `Year of the Horse` … let`s hope anyway !

Best Horse: How can it not be the unbeaten one … Black Caviar … who I never backed once

Favourite horse: I loved to listen to John Tapp or Bill Collins calling Kingston Town.

Favourite Racing Story: The time I put my last $1 on the quaddie and it got up anchored by a horse called Delhurst who started at 33/1 in the last leg. In those early TAB days in Tasmania they didn`t pay out until the Monday. I had a rather `large` Saturday night, shouted the bar in 2 pubs, gave the paper boy $20 for a 10c paper, lit cigars with $5 notes and a significant portion of the rest I just frittered away ! The collect on Monday already had been well and truly dented …….

Best Win Horse/Punt: See above

Racing Dream: Win a Hobart Cup

Why Delbridge Racing?: Mark Leo owes me for disrespecting my Sigma (Editors Note: Rod drove a Simga car when we were playing footballer together in Tasmania – and yes I did not treat it with respect)  


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